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Obama’s First Press Conference. Uhh.

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Not totally sure what that was all about.

17 Economic Kahunas stand behind the President-Elect, who tells us precisely nothing we don’t already know, except that things are really bad and that he’s going to get right on it as soon as he can. Was there a point to the whole shindig? Was he trying to show he was already governing? No, he kept reminding us that Bush was still in charge. Was he trying to be proactive from a policy standpoint? No, because he didn’t tell us anything concrete he planned to do. Was he showing that when it comes to governing, he’s still got training wheels? Yes.

I think it would have been far better just to have the meeting with the big shots, or maybe a series of meetings with smaller groups of them, rather than grandstand about what a great team he has, and then do nothing with it. It was slightly awkward, to be frank, and nebulous at best.

Most people in the press have been trying hard not to say the obvious – that the press conference was a silly waste of time.


Written by coolrebel

November 7, 2008 at 3:46 pm

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