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Palin – Her Fifteen Minutes Are Almost Up

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Sarah Palin got a taste of the big time and she clearly liked it very, very much. One can only imagine how painful it was to step off the campaign plane into the frigid gloom of Wasilla, AK. For all her talk of small town values, it seems to be the last place she wants to be. And you can understand her reticence. Sorting through her Valentino and Versace as an eagle-eyed GOP lawyer holds a clipboard behind her. Returning to an Alaska where oil prices (and therefore her popularity) are sinking. It’s no coincidence she’s doing interviews with just about everyone with a camera or microphone to talk about her future.

As if she has one.

She forgets that she was one of the main reasons Republicans defected. They just couldn’t pull the lever that would put her a heartbeat away. She forgets that her brand of religious convservatism has reached its ceiling. She forgets that her party is witnessing a fundamental shift in the electoral map, a demographic decline in support, and a Democratic party that’s arriving at the height of a recession – so it has ample time to fix the mess. Her ego is so huge she just can’t fathom why people think she’s so capable of mauling the English language, so capricious, so, well, dumb. She forgets that in 2010, she’ll be facing Romney, Huckabee and probably Jindal for the Republican nomination. They will dismantle her. There is no way she could stand up to the scrutiny of a Presidential run. Her only chance to get to the White House was via the Veep spot. And that is not something she’s going to be offered ever again.

The pricless truth is this. She’s never getting out of Alaska. And she’d better get used to it. The nation had a close call, but we never have to worry about her again.

Written by coolrebel

November 11, 2008 at 1:56 pm

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