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Peruvian Hairless = Diplomatic Incident

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USA-OBAMA/DOG To your left is the source of the next president’s first diplomatic quandary. It’s a Peruvian Hairless Dog, and a fine example of the hypoallergenic breed has been offered by the Peruvian Government as a gift to the First Family.

Obama created this fluffy (or in the case of the Peruvian) not so fluffy story when he mentioned the new puppy for his kids during his acceptance speech last Tuesday. Since then, the story has had some legs. And with the Peruvian government’s kind gesture it’s about to get a little more too – of the skinny-looking variety.

First families are carefully crafted collections, and President Elect Obama’s is no different. The right dog is a key part of the mix. The Peruvian Hairless is not the right dog. It’s hard to imagine those cute shots of the kids frolicking in the Rose Garden with Rex the Hairless one.

Obama knows this, Michelle knows this. Rahm Emmanuel knows this. But what to do? What does one tell the Peruvian Government? Perhaps Rahm lets them down with a quick phone call. Something to the effect of “Guys, get real. That is one ugly motherfucker of a dog”, or perhaps “We’ve spent years building up the President Elect’s image. If you think we’re going to let this…thing…within fifty yards of the guy, you’re suffering from altitude sickness.”

On second thoughts, probably best to pass the buck on this one to the kids.


Written by coolrebel

November 11, 2008 at 4:49 pm

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