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Enough With The Kennedys Already

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you wanna see my resume?

you wanna see my resume?

Ted Kennedy, one of the scions of the family, is sadly unlikely to serve much longer in the Senate. Before this week when his niece Caroline decided she’d kind of like to be a Senator too, that would have left only one Kennedy left in Congress, Ted’s son Patrick, elected as a Congressman for Rhode Island in 1994, at the highly qualified age of 27. Since then he’s driven drunk into the Capitol building, and checked in to rehab for an Oxycontin addiction, both sterling qualificiations to be a Kennedy in Congress, no doubt. His signature achievement appears to be, well, being a Kennedy.

To suggest there are double standards for the Kennedys is just too shocking for words to many, but at least the raw political savegery that put Sarah Palin into a position of prominence has nothing whatsoever to do with her name or family. Caroline Kennedy just gets to make a phone call to be considered for an “appointment” to office. Palin at least had to be elected Governor of Alaska. One can understand LBJ’s feelings about the Kennedy’s. He was a poor boy from Texas made good. The Kennedys were America’s blessed, for reasons which to some extent remain a mystery.

Oddly enough, for a first family, they certainly are a blighted lot. One secret lobotomy (how very regal of them), two assassinations and a slew of airplane crashes, as well as a rape acquittal, various stints in rehab, and a fatal car accident (for the passenger that is). The ones that dodged the Kennedy’s usual fate have ended up in mediocre positions at best. And yet, the American Aristocratic myth bizarrely persists. The one President they had among them was famous for a failed invasion of Cuba, the beginning of the Vietnam quagmire, and okay, defusing the Missile Crisis. Not much to speak of at home at all. Why all the fuss? Because his dad was a bootlegger, and social climber, because Jack dated Marilyn Monroe? It’s hard to know. And yet the myth persisted.

But even if Caroline is appointed to be Senator, and it certainly seems possible she will be despite opposition to the idea, the Kennedy mythology should finally begin to fade in the next few years, as America lurches into the future, and the surviving generation of Kennedy’s is astonishing by virtue only of its ordinariness. Of course, the irony is that in Illinois, the sale of a Senate seat is the centerpiece of a scandal. The fact that Caroline Kennedy’s last name clearly could be buying her one too seems to attract little notice. She’s a perfectly decent woman of average charisma, intellect and appeal. It’s a wild guess but if the same woman was named Caroline something other than Kennedy, I doubt Governor Patterson would even be taking her call.

But then who needs qualifications to be a senator these days.

Written by coolrebel

December 18, 2008 at 3:18 pm

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  1. Caroline is not Ted’s sister — mistake in your first sentence, a little proof reading goes a long way.


    December 26, 2008 at 9:17 am

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