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Obama is Using Rick Warren and That’s Smart

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aren't they sweet together. not

aren't they sweet together. not

Rick Warren is a more agreeable and far smarter version of Focus on the Family’s repugnant James Dobson. If you’re going to try and turn the country into some kind of boring Christian nation, you don’t harangue people to do it, like Dobson. You have to jolly them towards the Rapture, with a Starbucks latte and a good time.

Warren is, sadly, a very influential man in certain quarters. He will look upon his appearance at Obama’s inauguration as a huge victory for his roly-poly propaganda approach. He’ll stir up his troops in favor of the new President, he’ll be able to show nice pix of him blessing the new Prez, and he’ll be able to say, look what kind of influence I have. It’s a huge ego trip for him.

Oh, and he’s being used by Obama quite brilliantly.

Progressives whine about the distasteful quality of Warren blessing the new boss, but to use a phrase from Obama’s playbook, “they just don’t get it”. If ever there was a sign that Obama might just be talking bipartisan BS, rather than believing in it, this may be it. He chose to have Warren at the Inauguration, not because he likes the guy, but because he wants to get the support of the millions of people in Republican congressional districts and states for his agenda. Sure, he  uses the political cover of “disagreeing without being disagreeable” as political cover, but this is effective GOP busting politics. Just imagine, the President runs up a policy that the GOP in Congress just hates. They vow to crush the initiative, filibuster, you name it. Then the emails start coming in. “Obama is a great Christian, and he’s a friend of Rick”. “If it’s good enough for Rick, it’s good enough for us, and on and on.” Suddenly, the ground under the average GOP footsoldier in the house is gone, and he’s softening his line on that progressive initiative.


And what about Rick? Having been duped, does he backslide and look thoroughly un-Christian about the President, or does he accept the fact that he’s been out-maneuvered. My guess is that Warren’s ego is too important to the guy for him to risk even looking remotely bad, so he’ll probably go along with the gag to look good.

Politics is not a pretty business. Obama’s already told us he’s happy talking to the enemy. Most people think he means Ahmadinajad, but Rick Warren qualifies too. Progressives need to get a sense of the real world, rather than hanging their hats on issues the whole time.

Written by coolrebel

December 18, 2008 at 1:25 pm

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