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Guantanamo Out. Supermax In.

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It’s wise to close Gitmo, but it doesn’t solve the fundamental problem. There are may prisoners there who might be innocent, but after seven years of humiliation at the hands of the US, they will now be radicalized and if they’re released, may not be innocent for long.

Bush unwittingly created the new poster children for Al Qaeda. Living martyrs to the cause. The problem is that if we try these ‘martyrs’ on the shaky, rushed evidence they were arrested on, we probably won’t find them guilty. When we let them go, we’re just inserting new jihadist leaders into the system.

But if we don’t try them, we’re just exacerbating the problem that Bush created, and making Obama look like a hypocrite in the Muslim world, as well as turning the US Constitution on its head.

There’s no good answer. Locking them up in Supermax and throwing away the key will be a publicity nightmare. But there might be a silver lining here. If we track the people we release – they might end up leading us right into the terror networks we’re trying to break.


Written by coolrebel

January 25, 2009 at 5:23 pm

Posted in Washington

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