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Stimulus Package. The Politics Of Panic.

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panic first. solve problems later.

here's a plan. panic first. solve problems never.

Who came up with the cockamamie idea of the ‘economic stimulus’? The Bushies. During the post Bear-Stearns policy meltdown, when Paulson and his merry band of idiots put together policy on the fly, all we heard was how we needed to stimulate the economy. Well, we did an awful lot of stimulating but we’re in deeper trouble now than we were then.

And yet, Obama, continuing his annoying tendency to shape policy through a Republican prism, is continuing with this absurd “got to rush through the package now before its too late” rubbish. Many of the changes in the package are going to take months or years to be seen but that doesn’t stop him from giving the poor, downtrodden American people hope (remember that word) that this is a quick fix. It isn’t, and by branding it as one, Obama is only setting up problems for himself.

We all know the reason that this heavyweight bundle of measures was called a “Stimulus Package” even though it’s nothing of the kind – and the reason is that if we created what we really need – which is an “investment package” everyone would say “what about my job, now?”.   But the truth is that trying to stem the tide of a systemic depression is pointless. Instead of seeing economic policy as a series of bandaids, we need to take the panic out and replace it with a cool, patient approach. We need to invest in our future, not rush to plug the dykes. Part of the reason we anointed Obama is because he was so damn unflappable.

So stop flapping Mr. President and show us that America can take a long term view of its problems. Because doing so might just lead us to better solutions.

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Written by coolrebel

February 20, 2009 at 9:46 pm

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