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Global Warming Can’t Be Stopped – Time to Rethink Policy

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Global warming is coming. And there’s really not much we can do about it. Sure, there’s plenty of blame and hot air to go around, as well as an endless flow of pronouncements from world leaders that we’re going to corral and control it. But when the President of the United States visits Copenhagen to pitch his home town as an Olympic host city but may not return to attend an important Climate Change conference, it’s not exactly a good sign that the world is actually going to make much headway against this thing.

So here’s a suggestion. Whatever the reasons, human or not, let’s change our approach to this – to damage limitation. Let’s accept that global warming is an inevitability, and shore up and defend what we have – not for our good, but for the good of future generations. Part of that defence is not to add to the problem by developing green energy solutions and building a new infrastructure, as well as finding ways to adapt to that change, in agriculture’ energy’ industry and society.

But were wasting valuable time and creative energy pretending we can stop it. We can’t and we won’t. All we can do is manage it.


Written by coolrebel

November 15, 2009 at 3:25 am

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