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We Can’t Stop Global Warming – But We Can Prepare For It

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Whatever the reasons for Global Warming, whether it’s cyclical or whether it’s all our fault for pumping the atmosphere with CO2 and upsetting the equilibrium, it really doesn’t matter. Chances are that it’s coming with a vengeance. And there’s not a damn thing we can do about it.

Up until now, the world has talked a good game about “stopping”, “slowing” or “reversing” climate change. But it’s all just hot air. Unless the human race is prepared to make monumental sacrifices that change the course of history in a matter of decades, we’re not going to have any effect. And the chances are very slim that the Chinese, Indians or even the Prius driving Americans will do even 5% of what’s necessary. President Obama’s last trip to Copenhagen to shill for his home town’s Olympic bid was a big disappointment. He’s not going to risk political capital to show up in the Danish capital for a second time in a year to give the headline writers a chance to say “Copenhagen is where President Obama goes to fail”

I’m sure in his private thoughts, Obama, along with Al Gore for that matter know the truth. The train has left the station. Global warming is unstoppable. But that’s not something you can trumpet from the rooftops without making the human race, well, hate you. For example, Obama has virtually trademarked the word “hope”, so he’s hardly going to start telling the truth anytime soon.

Unfortunately, all that hope is misdirected and might be damaging our long-term future. Because instead of concentrating on how to “contain” and “manage” global warming, we’re focusing on beating it. That’s a mistake.
Sure, green energy is good, but we also need to creating techniques to mitigate global warming’s coming effects, or agriculture, on cities, on whole nations. What are we going to do about the likely flood of climate refugees? What about flooding? Are we going to develop a mechanism so the world can share rather than hoard scarce resources?

By accepting that global warming is coming, we can bypass the First world against Developing Country blame game which is getting us nowhere. Lowering emissions would be very nice, but it’s not going to happen before its too late – which is when everyone will think it’s a swell idea.

So let’s get back to what we can actually do. The first step would be to accept the blame for Global Warming. It’s a fact that it’s our fault in the West. No getting around that. We made a big boo-boo and really damaged mankind. We need to wear a dunce cap for having started that silly industrial revolution and need to deliver a big posthumous slap on wrist for the dudes who invested the steam engine. Easy to say, and totally meaningless.

What’s really important is that everyone’s going to suffer whether they do something or not. Ultimately, America and Europe will do what they have to mitigate the effects of climate change for themselves, and for client states that they help to protect. If China or India want to ignore the future, that’s their business. The truth is that they’re not going to do anything meaningful anyway, so they’re on their own. No fair. No foul.

Of course, it would be nice if we could all get along so how about President Obama calling for the creation of an international center to forecast effects of global warming across the globe, and to recommend ways to combat those effects. That will help create a focus on management and containment, rather than the rather pathetic “we can beat this thing” call that’s going to lead to mankind’s biggest disappointment.


Written by coolrebel

November 23, 2009 at 4:03 am

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