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Why Isn’t Obama Giggling at GOP Healthcare Repeal?

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After a short, and barely respectable lull in their nasty ‘rhetoric’, the GOP is once more gearing up to repeal Obama’s Healthcare overhaul in the House.

Nobody seems to notice that the Senate spent a year watering the current law down to weak tea, but still has a Democratic majority, and that sitting in the White House is a President who called Health Care reform a landmark piece of legislation.

I think it’s a fair bet to suggest that whatever lunatic scrawl the House pass is going to be regarded with nothing less than utter disdain by the Senate and President.

In short, the whole Repeal Health Care shenanigan is a total waste of time. Talk about the bridge to nowhere. This is the fart to nowhere.

I can understand the lazy-ass media taking it seriously, because the twenty-two year olds in the White House and Capitol Press Corps don’t know any better, and will juice the story that isn’t because their bosses tell them to.

And I can understand the GOP taking it seriously, because they’ve designed the whole charade to fail to show the American people how the Democrats and bad old Obama just won’t see sense even when they get a second bite at the cherry.

And I get why Harry Reid and his Senate hosers are steering clear of the business of the “other house” but that still leaves the President.

We know, that Obama knows, that we know that the GOP joke plan is going to be nutzo and that it doesn’t have an ice-cube’s chance in hell of getting by Harry, so why doesn’t he say so? Why is the Prez so silent?

The brain trust in the West Wing – so brilliant and yet so wrong in the past – have got their chess moves all lined up no doubt. And that worries Thereisnoplan, because the silent game the White House is playing seems risky.

Rather than taking advantage of the natural and silent majority in support of the original legislation and calling the GOP maneuver for what it is – which is ‘wasteful politics for the sake of it’, he’s banking on the GOP making fools of themselves first.

But that’s a dicey move. After all, if there’s one thing the GOP propagandists have proved time and time again, it’s this. If you give them the stage and don’t face them down, they can whip up the public any which way to Sunday. And there’s already a rent-a-mob on stand-by ready to get noisy on health care yet again.

Which brings us to what the President should say, and it goes something like this.

POTUS calls a press conference on something else, like the fact that his Iran strategy is actually working, and takes a question about GOP health care plans to which he replies…

“They’re wasting their time, and for all their talk about deficits, their wasting the people’s money too. Because its taxpayers that pay their salaries up on the hill, and I doubt they’re too happy about them re-opening a done deal. The Senate’s not going to look at it, and even if they do, I’m not budging an inch. This legislation will help all Americans, it will drastically lower the number of uninsured in this country, and it will lower the deficit – unlike GOP time-wasting up on the Hill. The GOP always accuses us of playing politics. If this Health Care Repeal deal isn’t a political game, I don’t know what is. Call off the dogs boys. Bring me a plan on immigration, or education, or tax reform, that I can take seriously”.


Written by coolrebel

January 17, 2011 at 1:47 pm

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