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Does the US Debt Burden "Threaten our Way of Life"? Uhh, No.

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Take a brief look at this chart.

It’s a list of countries by national debt burden as a proportion of GDP.

Just under fully fledged basket case Zimbabwe at the very top is Japan at 196% of GDP. Now I know they’ve got their problems, but is their way of life threatened? No. Are they walking around in animal pelts, wielding home-made clubs? No.

At 83% of GDP is our northern neighbor, Canada, a nation that’s so stable people fall asleep at the very mention of its name. Is there a threat to the sleepy Canadian way of life on the horizon? Not unless Sarah Palin’s family invades the Yukon.

At 74% is Germany, manufacturing dynamo of Europe, and a nation that’s short of people to work in its BMW factories. I’m guessing that unless there’s a major recall of EVERY German car ever made, no threat to their way of life either.

Further down is Brazil, one of those developing countries that’s supposedly eating our lunch. They’re currently operating very nicely at 60% of GDP, and an outgoing President Lula had a positive approval rating of 223%.

And then comes  limping, holed below the water line, not much good for anything except a-whinin’, America at 58.9%, just above the world average of 58.3% of GDP.  And according to the GOP talking points our debt burden “threatens our whole way of life”.

Maybe it does. Maybe them GOP Congressmen know something we don’t, but I’m guessing if more people got a look at this simple Wikipedia chart, they might, sniff-sniff, smell a rat.


Written by coolrebel

January 26, 2011 at 10:44 am

Posted in Business BS, Washington

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