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Cameron and Multiculturalism – Let’s Unwrap the Word

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Pudge Gets One Right

In most senses David Cameron is the worst kind of Tory an oily, pudgy, acceptable-to-the-people, snake oil salesman for regressive, wrong-headed Thatcherism. But the other day, he got one right. His speech about the failures of multiculturalism was very nearly pitch-perfect.

There are only two problems. The first is theoretical. The second is very, very practical.

First, the theoretical concern.

The use of word “multiculturalism” is a PC derived misnomer which couches the problem in a self-defeating concept. It suggests that in any given country all cultures operate on a level playing field.

They don’t.

There is always a dominant culture. The issue is whether states enable other cultures to exist alongside it, or whether one of the duties of citizenship is to assimilate to an acceptable level to the dominant culture. When the culture is that of an enlightened, free society, such as 21st century British society, borne as it is from hundreds of years of development, then an acceptable level of assimilation must be the goal.

The first world has to fight back. In order to protect its future it must express what it has to offer in explicit terms. But it must also be bold. It must make clear that citizenship is a contract. And part of that contract is to fulfill and contribute to the high standards of liberalism and free thinking that a first world culture offers to its citizens and expects in return.

Secondly, the practical issue.

Nice speech, Dave, but what exactly are you going to do about it?


Written by coolrebel

February 6, 2011 at 12:06 am

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