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The Coming of the Nerd Nazis

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They want to map us, share us, track us, provide for us.  They want to be our digital deliverance, our screen-saviors, the pioneers of our future. And we dutifully share, and comment, and post, creating more page views that they can monetize as they continue to propogate and colonize every corner of the internet with their shiny startups promising revolutionary ideas about how to reshape the very core of humanity. They’ve invaded our homes, our workplaces, our memories, the way we communicate, befriend, even fall in love.

Gradually we’re losing touch with the way it was, throwing out the good with the bad, as we suckle at the teat of the new, willing dupes allowing our humanity to be digitized and categorized. We’re gently prodded towards the new spiritual and intellectual vacuum, not capable of resisting the mesmeric call of the profile, the avatar, the lists of basic information that populate a billion databases in a humming, ice-cool, and human-free data center.

And who are the new overseers?

They are the hirsuite, the prematurely balding, the stalk thin, the overweight, the pallid, pasty, shifty, sweaty, overcompensating, often be-spectacled, often poorly-dressed twenty-somethings of America, India, and China, among others nations. They are the silent, the noisy, the blurtingly bombastic, the socially stunted, the always amoral, mentally boundless, potentially mendacious, viciously competitive, vainglorious, profoundly meglamaniacal, and potentially Nazi nerds.

Why bother with the messy inefficiences of life, of government, of shopping, of relationships, when there’s an app that can redefine them? The nerd nazis deliver the public promise of good things masquerading as their private power, sitting with a coffee at a flat screen monitor, watching us. And to that purview will be added judgment, and to that judgment will be added sanction, and to that sanction will be added coopting, snitching, appropriation.

They have the power of Wall Street behind them, bamboozling the rest of us poor slobs with their IPOs and windfalls for the rich and institutional, feeding yet more financial gasoline into the furnace of their new, horrible, vacuous world. Financial power has been befriended by insidous power in the past, willing to aid in its rise, before being swallowed and podded into service of an even greater inhumanity than they thought they’d ever be party to.

And then there’s the rest of us. The little people. The ex-middle class. The squeezed and struggling.  We, the weak, the bloated, the lazy, the intellectually indolent, post-productive supplicants of the nation formerly known in hope and idea as America, we, who have hard-won reason and history and emancipation and pain, fast receding in our rear-view mirrors, will succumb, and be controlled, and live the detached, deluded existence that the nerd nazis export – as their gift – from their cold and incomplete minds to ours. It won’t be a nazism as overt and despiccable as the abomination from 1933-45. The apparatus of power will be less brutal but just as persuasive, less barbaric, but more insidious, and perhaps long lasting. It will seep into the soul, rather than occupy it. It could last a thousand years.

Police states are built on far less than the power the nerd nazis now wield, along with the collective hypnosis we in America now appear to be living in. Will it happen? Probably not, but is at any less of a threat to our way of life than Al Qaeda and its recently deceased porn king?



Written by coolrebel

May 22, 2011 at 8:26 am

Posted in Business BS, Washington

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