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If Only Obama Really Was A Class Warrior

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Today, Tim Who-Lenty made a stirring speech documenting the glories of trickle-down economics, that wonderful myth put about by the rich and favored, that if only they got richer – so would all the little people. And after he’d jabbed us with that, he swung a nasty upper-cut accusing Obama of waging class warfare.

Let’s put aside the obvious irony of Pawlenty waging class warfare on behalf of the rich while lambasting Obama for waging it – horror of horrors – for the poor, and focus on something else that makes Thereisnoplan really, really sad.

If only it were true. If only Obama really was the class warrior Who-lenty said he was.

But he isn’t, wasn’t, and hasn’t been from day one. All along he’s been in the pay of Wall Street and the corporations, and dutifully, cheerfully, stirringly did their bidding. Part of his rationale was non-confrontational, as it always is with Barry Obama. He didn’t want to rock the boat. He wanted us all to get along. Like that worked.

I mean if he’d helped the poor, and unemployed rather than supporting the rich, he’d be accused of something terrible, like, I dunno, waging class warfare.

Except that even with his dealt-down, watered-down, utterly compromised healthcare reform, stimulus package, and financial reform, Tim Yawn-lenty is still accusing him, in the most vicious “state planning” terms, of being…a class warrior of the worst kind.

Which is a shame, because there was Barackslider being terrified of actually doing something meaningful to help Main Street because it would tar him as a crazed commie, and wouldn’t you know it, they’re painting him as a total pinko anyway. Net gain equals zero.

To make matters worse, Mitt Romney, a slippery haircut of a Republican with more twists and flip-flops than a pretzel on the beach is running neck-and-neck with the President if the next election were held today, with two thirds of the all-important independents on his side.

And to make the irony even more painful, the American people have shown what they think of “state planning” – like Medicare, for example.

They love it. It’s good for the economy. And populism is built on it.

That, my friends, is what is generally known as a lost opportunity.


Written by coolrebel

June 7, 2011 at 6:19 am

Posted in Business BS, Washington

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