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Thereisnoplan Declares Little Taco-Dog Poops a Menace to Decent Society

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It’s official. Thereisnoplan has declared Little Taco-Dog Poops a menace to decent society.

The basic problem is simple. Tiny little dark stringy dog poops that nestle in the sidewalk grass. But the real issue goes deeper – indeed right to the heart of civic responsibility. Were the owners of those obnoxious little Yorkies and Chihuahuas just lazy or incapable physically of stooping down to scoop up the poop? Or did they justify that laziness or incapacity by rationalizing that nobody would notice such a tiny stool? Or worse still, did they think that the small size of those poops made them any less of a health hazard? The answer almost certainly has to be one of the above.

In a very small and stringy way, this problem sums up America. “It’s no big deal” says the owner of the dog, proprietor of the plastics factory, or the administration that starts the dumb-ass war.  They figure they’ll get away with it and avoid sieve-like regulation, often with the help of bare-faced lies or hare-brained politics, or both.

That works find until someone steps in the poop.

Or on top of the land mine.

Written by coolrebel

June 14, 2011 at 10:58 pm

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