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Chromebook’s Big Day. Not.

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Ah, the charming uselessness of Google. They promise us the world but can never quite deliver.

Today is supposed to be the great unveiling of the Chromebook, an impressive idea if ever there was one. A simple netbook with a stripped down operating system that does one thing and one thing only – it connects you to Chrome via your Google ID. It boots in seconds, works real fast (because it doesn’t have all the other OS baggage to contend with) and is blessedly free of unwanted features.

There’s only one problem.

Even though today is supposed to be C-Day, you can’t actually see one unless you buy it online via Amazon and Thereisnoplan was so keen on the idea of this wonderfully genericized web-book that I actually arrived at BestBuy in West LA the moment it opened, only to find that nobody knew much about them. There were none in stock, none on sale, no colorful bunting, no knowledgeable nerds in Google t-shirts wowing us with what they could do.


To me that pathetic display is a mark of a complacent company. Google has been handed its lunch by Facebook on social networking and by Apple on just about everything else. They’ve been working on this Chrome idea for a while and it’s a good one, but when it comes to anything that remotely smacks of brick and mortar they just mess up.

One more thing. The Chromebook is a superb idea but it’s simply too expensive. Charge $199 for one or maybe even $99 and everything I’ve just written would be null and void. It would be a winner, hands down, and would completely reenergize Google as a viable player – outside its search dominance.

Google is a good company, with at least a semblance of honesty. Sure, they have their problems, but their no-nonsense, genericized, design-free suite of web products is very solid. It just needs to be more coordinated, and marketed way, way better.

C’mon boys. Show us that you’re not just sitting on search.

Written by coolrebel

June 15, 2011 at 1:39 am

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