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Crime and Punishment in Beverly Hills

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Something small but tragic happened at the Whole Foods Market in BH today. A woman was gaming the computerized recycling bins which spit out a coupon to use in the store when you return your glass or plastic bottles.

It took me a while to figure out what was going on, because I’m an honest soul. But it basically went down like this. She was continually scanning a 10c container and then depositing 5c containers in the bucket.

This woman seemed a little perhaps desperate, as many on the periphery in America’s most famous rich urban district can be but there was something particularly sad about nickel-and-diming for 50c or a buck at the expense of the State of California.

The moment said so much about the nation and the economy. Beggary had come to Whole Foods in Beverly Hills. Our little Disneyland, up until now, almost immune from the crisis but for a few empty storefronts in downtown was succumbing slowly but surely to the same shifty sadness that had enveloped so much of the country. We’re a nation that’s becoming less friendly, more concerned about our shrinking futures, and 401ks, at the expense of the nation’s cherished and up until now almost continual optimism.

If this woman was ripping off California for a buck, could she be trusted? No. But more importantly, can a nation that is merely surviving be truly trusted anymore to do the right thing. Judging by the pathetic display in Washington up until last week, perhaps not.


Written by coolrebel

August 7, 2011 at 1:21 pm

Posted in Washington

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