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Obama: How to Steer Clear of the Carter Curse.

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The wheels are coming off the wagon of the Obama presidency.

He needs to get a grip quick or he’s going to be painted with the Carter curse – that horrible, contagious sense people get that the President is essentially a powerless passenger, lacking will, lacking a decisive, well, plan.

The latest and most strategically crucial mistake he has made was simple and profound. By essentially buying into the false narrative that America is facing a fiscal crisis – which it isn’t – Obama is accepting an impossible task as being decisive in whether he’s re-elected. His job is to pump-up America and explain why we’re not in trouble, not to swallow the GOP narrative that we are.

The view that he’s pathologically wedded to compromise, or a Wall Street stooged are all true but played out. It’s too late to worry about them now. The truth is, he’s the President. And the President has a pen that can at the very least keep the insanity at bay. Yes, he missed a huge opportunity to be the change agent he promised to be.  But what he ‘should’ have done is now a moot point.

We need to get this guy re-elected.

In a matter of months, Obama is going to be tarred with the “Carter Curse” if he doesn’t start getting more muscular in his public pronouncements, and show a more deft touch politically.

It’s clear that he’s running as an independent, a Reaganesque figure who wants to inspire – or re-inspire in his case, but that’s okay. ‘Progressives’ need to stop whining and think big picture. Anything to win. Anything to keep the GOP hyenas at bay. There’s no point pining for the policies he should have pursued in his first two years – as furious as many of us are that he allowed himself to be so outplayed with so little resistance. The truth is, we’re in a different game now.

He needs to find his mojo again, to forget substance – never his strong suit – and go all out superficial.  The truth is that if he can re-ignite the rock star in himself, people will forget all he hasn’t done. And if anyone can do it, Obama can. He’s a five-tool player on the stump. Best the Dems (he’s at least a Dem in name if not in nature) has ever had. He needs to return to his rhetorical flourishes that gave him traction in the first place. He needs to recapture that King meets Kennedy thing that he got going. And he needs to do it before the Carter Curse sets in.

It’s all about campaigning now. And campaigning to restore pride in America seemed to work pretty darn well for the Gipper.


Written by coolrebel

August 10, 2011 at 12:03 am

Posted in Carter, GOP, Obama, Washington

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