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Libya Liberated. Oil Running Out.

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The liberation of Libya from Gaddafi’s “Green Book” insanity is the beginning of at least a ray of hope that Arabs could begin to catch up with the rest of the developed and developing world. Saudi Arabia is tougher nut to crack, of course, but the last thing that Riyadh wants is to see Libya’s transformation be successful. They’re hoping against hope that tribalism, factionalism, and incompetence deal a blow to its hopes of transformation.

Libya’s proximity to Europe and its huge oil wealth at least give it the chance of bucking the trend so far apparent in the “Arab Spring” that it’s been a rather drab, superficial affair, in which one set of despots has merely given way to another, in uniform, usually.

But behind all the flag waving, behind the obvious success of the US and its Allies in maneuvering Gaddafi out of power with a frankly excellent display of surgical air power, and superb work giving the rebels a semblance of command and control is a horrible specter.


It takes time to build institutions, to overcome the crushing let-downs that a “spring” brings to a people waiting for decades to find its voice. It takes time and perseverance to overcome the factionalism, the greed, the religious zealotry, the poverty, the incompetence, the sheer lack of practice that new Arab leaders are about to face. Years at the least, most likely decades.

But decades is exactly what they don’t have.

Because just as the Arab world finally has at least the potential to throw off its dictatorial chains, and needs all the financial resources it can muster to build its institutions and its dignity, the world will have to move away from the source of that revenue. It’s a crushing indictment of the Arab world and its leadership that it never even got close to diversifying its productive capacity away from the easy seductive power of oil.

Written by coolrebel

August 22, 2011 at 11:28 am

2 Responses

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  1. Can't speak for Ortega, but as for Chavez…once an oilman, always an oilman. Chavez + in his own bizarre way even Gaddafi, used socialism as a means of maintaining power. I doubt Rosa Luxemburg would have regarded Chavez as even close to being a Socialist. Have I invited you to the Google Plus yet?


    August 24, 2011 at 12:21 am

  2. Great to see you back “coolrebel.” My favorite is that Chavez and Daniel Ortega are offering Gaddafi asylum. As Marc Cooper of the Annenberg School of Communication said, “It's truly a curse that at a time when global capitalism descends into crisis, the actually existing socialists are such clowns.”



    August 23, 2011 at 11:58 pm

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