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Egypt – Anger at Israel. Anger at the Army.

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The Egyptian Army does not want to renew hostilities, hot or cold, with Israel. It’s too busy making money for that. But a disgruntled mob, frustrated that the removal of Mubarak may turn out to be nothing more than a symbolic moment, and a rearranging of chairs are venting their anger on the standard enemy that, ironically, Mubarak himself fomented for years (despite the peace treaty).

The horrible truth is that despite the excesses of the Mubarak regime, it helped Egypt make great leaps economically, and provided a certain – realpolitik – stability in the region. Pluralism seems an awfully long way from the Egyptian wavelength right now.

This could be the beginning of the clash between the Army establishment and the popular uprising that is beginning to seem inevitable.


Written by coolrebel

September 9, 2011 at 9:46 am

Posted in Washington

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