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The American Party – A New Political Paradigm

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The next major political party should be called The American Party.

We need to tap into the future.

Why should we call it this?

Because it invites unity, it invites common ground.

It’s something that old and young, rich and poor, black, white and brown, gay and straight can support.

It’s something that deserves our support. We love our country. This party represents our country. It will be a flag-waving, patriotic, unabashedly American Party, that can redraw party lines in America. Who would you vote for The Democrats, The Republicans, or The Americans?

What are TAP’s core goals?

In honor of the Republican Party of 1860, TAP will also restrict its platform to a single page, for easy digestion.

  • The assertion of Federal Rights, and the advancement of a Social Democratic Agenda for the United States.
  • A stated belief that all that TAP does is about future generations – not our own.
  • Reorganization and expansion of cabinet posts to better address core domestic issues.
  • Just but sensible fiscal and monetary policy, simple loophole free tax code, progressive taxation, including triggered income tax holidays in certain circumstances. A corporate tax structure that incentivizes repatriation of jobs to the US, and penalizes outsourcing. The right for every citizen to decide where they’d like a given percentage of their taxes to go. Investment earnings to be treated as income.
  • A strong industrial policy built around unashamed support for American manufacturing businesses based in the fifty states. Long term aim to reverse US trade deficit. Potentially punitive audits for US based companies to check how much US labor and resources they use.
  • A rewrite of the Securities and Exchange Act. Full cabinet post to enforce the law. Major restrictions on derivatives trading, securitization, currency trading, commodities trading, and a reenactment of Glass-Steagall, and enforced restoration of partnership status for investment banking.
  • Establishment of a fully funded Cabinet post for the rebuilding of US infrastructure, and enforcing compliance of related legislation such as the Clean Air act.
  • Robust environmental, consumer protection and a green agenda. Increase federal gasoline taxes, reduce fossil fuel usage, and aggressively support American businesses in the markets that result.
  • A Century Constitutional Charter, to rebuild and modernize the US Constitution over the next 100 years. An immediate constitutional Amendment to end of money in politics at every level, and in every way, and to make public all election funding, and to ban paid lobbying of any kind, city, state or federal.
  • An activist foreign policy built on extending American strategic interests through humanitarian support. A stronger US role in Africa, reduced role in Europe and the Middle East, except as regards Nuclear proliferation. A more aggressive economic and diplomatic stance on China, based on enforcement of WTO regulations. Support for Mexico, Haiti, Cuba and Latin America.
  • Legalization, regulation and taxation of all drugs, under a full cabinet post.
  • Halving of the Pentagon budget. Removal of forces from Europe and closure of many US and non-strategic foreign bases. Establishment of a new quick-strike structure to US armed forces, based on attack aircraft, long range missiles, and deeper special forces. A new GI bill to help vets get back into civilian workforce after reduction of Pentagon budget. Overhaul of intelligence services.
  • Robust Immigration Policy. 1. Unbreachable border between Mexico and the US  2.Full citizenship for illegal immigrants with no criminal records (and a tax amnesty) if they take the oath within three years. Full enforcement of immigration law to prevent illegals beyond that threshold from gaining employment. Higher bar to US immigration beyond that point.
  • Fully funded Medicare for all. Period.
  • Modernization, revitalization and full funding for Public education, with beefed up cabinet position. Less testing. More stress on character development, and parental education as a function of education. Assertion of National standards and a federal mandate for a given level of state funding. Pre-school education and after school classes for all kids. School funding to be weighted by law towards schools in poorer neighborhoods. Establishment of a trade school and apprenticeship system, backed by Federal funds. Private colleges to be restricted by law.  Increased support for public universities, particularly in engineering. Reform NCAA.

Written by coolrebel

October 5, 2011 at 4:13 am

Posted in Washington

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