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Palin is a Presidential Quitter

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Sarah Palin either didn’t have the stomach for the fight or she listened to the wrong advice, and paid attention to the polls, and commentary from the lazy lamestream media. I find it hard to believe it was the former and almost certain she felt she couldn’t win, because she believed she’d enter the race as a second tier candidate. But the rise of Herman Cain, an utterly flawed, intellectually inadequate and often loopy candidate, from the third tier to first (temporarily) shows just how discombobulated and incoherent the GOP base truly is. They don’t know what they want.

All of which tells Thereisnoplan, that far from being settled as a race, this thing hasn’t even started yet. There’s hope for everyone in the game, from Newt to Huntsman too, although Cain probably has more chance of scooping the nomination than Huntsman has. Palin would have entered the race last, the way she probably wanted it, and would have risen up the ranks fast. Why? Because she’s a celebrity in a media-saturated world, and she actually gave a stump speech in Indianola, Iowa, that made a lot of sense – that’s not a misprint. It tapped into the America-wide turbulence that every other candidate has failed to understand.

I admit that I watch Palin like other people watch the hip-swinging of the Kardashians. But I feel she made a genuine mistake, and what was a really boring contest, is now about to become utterly soporific.


Written by coolrebel

October 9, 2011 at 12:15 am

Posted in Palin, Washington

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