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Much of the work of Democratic Political Consultants is done for them by the GOP penchant for cannibalistic frenzy during its primaries. All the President’s political team has to do is sit back and watch the endless debates to get more than enough ammunition with which to lay low the unlucky winner of this slamfest.

By the time the GOP anoints its winner, he (or still vaguely possible, she) could be carrying around so much dirt that their room for maneuver against the President would be severely hampered. Not only that, but each candidate’s attempt to win the “I’m more conservative than you” pissing contest means they have to endlessly contort themselves into even more bizarre and thoroughly other-worldly pronouncements that will leave all but the reddest of red-meat crackers utterly cold.

The latest fun is to be had at the expense of Herman Cain’s economic “plan”, a cockamamie platform so utterly devoid of any connection to reality as to be the work of a madman and a pretty dumb one at that. Rick Perry’s side-stepped the proposal entirely, while Michelle Bachmann implied that a 9% income tax rate was actually too high and that going back to the 7% rate when income tax was first levied in 1913 would be the way to go.

Next up. Ron Paul swings for the fences with a plan to repeal the tax code. Period. After all he is a Libertarian.


Written by coolrebel

October 18, 2011 at 11:38 pm

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