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Russia To Face Full Force of Madonna

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The Guardian is reporting that Madonna, Pop’s first matron, has had enough of the Putin’s outrageous attempts to send Pussy Riot to the Gulag. Well, at least this was during the five minutes she was actually thinkign about the outrage. She didn’t call for their release though ( as much as the Guardian suggested in its headline would like ) but did say that she would “like” for the judge to be lenient.

There Is No Plan is almost certain the judge will be lenient, because President Vlad Putin will be leaning on him very heavily to be lenient, because putting Pussy Riot away for a very long time will cause a riot among the very people that Putin wants to shut the F up, which will then fire up all the young women of Russia to go after his ass, an annoying blot on his copybook he could do without.

Protesting in Russia is not a simple matter. The place still believes that a “strong leader” can work things out even if they get a little confused about the democratic rules and stuff. That upsets the younger generation that’s more tapped into a modern neo-liberal approach to the world and its machinations, but until the younger generation becomes the older establishment generation, it’s hard to see matters changing too fast.


Written by coolrebel

August 6, 2012 at 11:46 am

Posted in Washington

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