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Turns Out Chick-Fil-A Isn’t Over After All.

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Bless the hearts of the “Gay Activists”.

After the utterly annoying success of Mike Huckabee’s “Junk Food For Jesus Day” last Wednesday, and their damp squib of a kiss-in soon afterwards, the “Gay Activists” are countering with their own “Support Starbucks Because Even If It Isn’t In The News It Supports Gay Marriage Day”, which is, like, way better.  And if you don’t believe me, it’s all here.

It’s a seemingly pathetic idea, brimming with sophomoric fury, but in a way it points to a wider issue, which could be called the “incrementalist” approach to political progress. That in these days where the news is more a constant blizzard than it has ever been, every little snowflake you can get onto the map for even a second or two contributes some tiny, incremental, almost imperceptible move towards making something – like gay marriage, for example – not news at all.

Thereisnoplan looks forward to the day when one can attend the wedding of a man to a man or a woman to a woman and have that fact hardly worthy of mention at all.


Written by coolrebel

August 6, 2012 at 5:06 pm

Posted in Washington

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