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Taking Colorado – Rubio Becomes The Logical VP Pick

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The Latino Vote is the key to Colorado according to a new poll of the state that puts Romney ahead by 5 points. It’s early days yet, except in one respect. In order to shore up a key Western state and resist a probably Obama onslaught, Romney must surely be looking to Rubio as his VP pick.

The conventional wisdom is that Rubio will only help in Florida, but Rubio’s easy charisma and ability to conduct an entire campaign stop in Spanish can’t help but charm a swathe of conservative-leaning Hispanics that could otherwise help seal it for the President. Rubio will only join the ticket if Romney’s immigration position softens, and Romney will only agree if Rubio turns it into his own issue, protecting the candidate from too much flip-flop flak. It also helps that Rubio is a darling of the Tea Party.

Taking Colorado would be a good building block to what is otherwise looking like a very dim outlook for Willard. And putting Rubio on the ticket would be a big play in no uncertain terms.

Let’s hope Romney is too dumb to pull the stunt.


Written by coolrebel

August 8, 2012 at 9:55 pm

Posted in Washington

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