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Paul Ryan: America’s Funeral Director

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Look, I wrote this handy shovel. 

TINP looks at Paul Ryan and thinks of death.

His oily hair and oilier smile, his deep set, but bulging eyes and pallid, angular face aside though, Paul Ryan has spent the last two years barnstorming a vicious GOP budget that is basically the measurements for America’s casket. He’s the syrupy soothsayer of the nation’s doom, ringing the bell that tolls for what’s left of our social contract.

His prescription is a deadly nightshade concoction of soundbite Ayn Rand libertarianism, laced with a stripped to the bone, utilitarian amorality, and an almost puritanical certainty that would send shivers down the spine of all but the most hardened GOP policy wonk.

It’s hard to imagine anyone else getting excited about a Ryan vice-presidency but a number-crunching, emotionally barren outsourcer, like Mitt Romney. But there’s a sickly asceticism about Ryan that probably appeals to Romney’s mawkish and monkish Mormon sensibilities.

Like Romney, Ryan is on a mission to propagate a strange and other-worldly religion with limited ties to reality. Romney’s snake oil was the Book of Mormon. Ryan’s is his budget plan, a poisoned chalice of economic absurdity fervently worshipped with lemming-like and truly misguided conviction.

Like Romney, Ryan has an eerie monochromatic style, a brutally provincial, oddly entitled upbringing in small city Wisconsin, a demeanor so assuredly lacking in real humanity below the chilling surface of his wide smile and easy charm that he ushers a cold wind into any room that he enters.

Romney arrived in this world blessed to be the son of a Republican governor and respected auto executive. Ryan was a chosen son of a leading Irish family, called on the telephone by the retiring congressman in the safely Republican district of his birth to take the seat. Life has been easy for both men in different ways.

In other words, Romney and Ryan were made for each other.

Will Ryan’s arrival on the national scene reinvigorate Romney’s struggling campaign? For a myriad of reasons, that will be discussed endlessly for the next few days, almost certainly not after the initial flurry of punditry is over.

But there is at least a possibility, a sickening sliver of a chance that they could do it, and along with a victory in the Senate and a hold in the House (the former of which seems less likely by the day, thankfully), America would be a filibuster away from having its body politic measured for its casket.

A cold wind is blowing. Right now it is distant. Let it not reach the nation’s door.


Written by coolrebel

August 10, 2012 at 11:38 pm

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