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Catholic Conundrum: Nuns To Form New Religion.

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U.S. nuns want an ‘open dialogue’ with Rome because they’re really nice people and they’d rather stay in the Church than not.

TINP was a history major who, despite being Jewish, always found the medieval church and its sophisticated social engineering so fascinating. Which, of course, is why I also follow the politics of the modern Catholic Church and its politics.

They are after all, one and the same.

The Fifth Lateran Council aside, there are few moments in the millennia that would seem as momentous for the Catholic Church as this one. Its moral foundations rocked by molesting priests and cover-ups, along with unseemly bullying tactics by the Papal Enforcer turn Pope, Benedict XVI, the Church is finally clashing with first-world modernity after centuries of bucking the problem any way it can.

But with its latest barrage of intolerance, the Vatican may be going a bridge too far by taking on the seemingly defenseless nuns.

Nuns are the last vestige of core Christian values left in the gold-soaked Church. They’re all about doing those tiresomely Christian things like administering selflessly to the sick and poor and forgotten. And that gives them great power. They are the female, humanistic lifeline of a male-dominated church. And let’s face it, the men have let it down big time in a myriad of ways.

Because of all those stark contrasts Nuns are very, very popular and more important than ever. That gives them great power. Not that they’d apply it like an Inquisitor’s garrotte to get its way, but by expressing that they want an “open dialogue” what they’re really saying is that if the Vatican doesn’t start changing its game for the first time in a few hundred years, it’s going to get out of Dodge.

Think about that. A Catholic Church with no nuns. Big news. But what would be even bigger news is where they’d go next.

Would they align with the modern Episcopalian and Anglican movements to create a more gentle and female religion that would frankly be wildly popular in the post-ideological world we’re about to inhabit?

Would the nuns perhaps form their own branch of a gentler, female, more spiritually inclusive Christianity, with their own priests, own canon, own financial sources and churches?

Either way, they’d be a force for good to be reckoned with. TINP welcomes the utter failure of the “open dialogue”.


Written by coolrebel

August 11, 2012 at 8:44 am

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