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Arrest Assange And Send Him To Sweden

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Oops. Wrong Picture. Or is it?

Britain has had enough of Assange.

And rightly so. I don’t usually agree with the Coalition Government but I have to say that sometimes they get it right, most usually on Foreign Policy. This is one of those moments.

Julian Assange is the worst kind of hypocrite, essentially suggesting that he should be above the law. In his twisted little, self-centered, proto-fascist world, everything is a conspiracy against his greater glory, including the accusations of rape that triggered his extradition to Sweden. One can only suppose his crusade for freedom and transparency is null and void when it comes to sexual assault on two women.

Maybe women don’t count in Assange’s asshat world of wonder.

Put aside the damage he did to America’s ability to conduct diplomacy, and to the responsible role for secrecy in government. Put aside the fact he goes after low hanging fruit while that the real enemies of accountability like China and Russia haven’t been dented by his websites, whereas the free nations of the world are made to look like villains. The fact is that he delights in being a rock star magnet for deluded activists, and opportunistic nations everywhere.

Ecuador’s pathetic attempt to shield this guy is outrageous. It completely contravenes International Law to harbor an indicted fugitive and Britain is well within its rights to flush him out. Sadly, they don’t want the bleating barrage that will go on for months as a result, probably including some insane self-immolation for no good reason, so they’ll wait this guy out for as long as it takes.

Hopefully the Police will go in and drag this guy’s ass out, but I doubt it. More probably Assange’ll get to rot  in Knightsbridge luxury, and eat take-out from Harrods Food Hall for the next few months or years, but at least he’ll be out of our hair.


Written by coolrebel

August 15, 2012 at 7:45 pm

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