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Assange To Become Knightsbridge Tourist Attraction

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My ego is hurting my head.

In the year 2037, a school tour group from Louisville, Kentucky will take a detour after their shopping trip at Harrods to a street not far away. They’ll know they’ve arrived at the right building because of the other tourists using their iPhone 23’s to catch an infra-red glimpse of the reason they’re there.

For in that year, Julian Assange will have been in the Ecuadorean Embassy for twenty-five years, his long white beard the clear giveaway if the tourists happen to focus on the right human form inside the embassy.

In 2037 the United States, Great Britain, Western Europe, Canada, and Australia, and a few other enlightened states will be holding the line against the rampant internal and external despotism of Russia, China, and other tin-pot dictatorships, who will have shut themselves down even more to “meddling” from the West. We’ll be in a new cold war, not defined by nuclear weapons so much as corruption and statism.

And people will look back to Assange’s quixotic crusade for more transparency among the world’s most transparent nations, and think to themselves that this oddball old man went after the good guys to glorify himself, while the bad guys continued their repression, delighted to have Julian providing them with the moral equivalency they so badly needed for propaganda purposes.

The irony of Ecuador’s own violations of human rights was raised by one of the students in the Louisville tour group. His fellow students nodded.


Written by coolrebel

August 22, 2012 at 3:42 pm

Posted in Assange, Ecuador, UK

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