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Christian Pro-Lifers Who Allow Abortion After Rape Are Hypocrities

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Note: Excludes Babies conceived by rape.

There’s a creepy “See we do care about people” quality about the medieval, almost papal, dispensation granted by mainstream religiously-driven pro-lifers that if a woman was made pregnant as a result of rape that she should be entitled to a legal abortion.

Now there are those who believe in the sanctity of life for non-religious reasons, but the vast majority of pro-lifers would identify themselves as Christians, mostly Evangelicals, and Catholics. Indeed, they see it as their religious duty to support a pro-life position. But it’s the conflating of the God with a pro-life position that weakens it on logical and moral grounds, once the logic of the rape exception is questioned.

But this act of apparent “fairness” is actually the heart of the lie of the religious pro-life position, and is an act of profound self-indictment.

You see, when a man rapes a woman and impregnates her, it isn’t the baby’s fault. From the moment of conception, the fetus that resulted has as much a right to life as any other baby in the eyes of God. By suggesting that the means by which that fetus came into being should result in the killing of the fetus completely destroys the pro-life argument. If rape, and also incest can be exceptions, why not poverty, or other life circumstances, or shame, or any of the other reasons women have abortions?

The logic is simple and straightforward. Holding religious pro-lifers to their own standards demands that rape should  not be a reason to grant a legal exception to the (assumed to be) otherwise illegal act of abortion.

So why do most religious pro-lifers go along with this utterly illogical exception which shatters their case? Again, the answer is simple. They are prepared to abandon consistency for a semblance of acceptability. They know that if they maintained their absurd logic their “pro-life” position would be regarded as brutal, medieval, inhumane and unacceptable. They are prepared to sacrifice their Godly principles about the sanctity of life to expediency

Unfortunately, if they don’t remain consistent, they’re proving they don’t care about the unborn at all.

They only really care about themselves.


Written by coolrebel

August 22, 2012 at 3:16 pm

Posted in Abortion, rape, Roe v Wade

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