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France Wants No Fly Zone Over Syria. Good Luck.

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As the brutal Civil War rages on, France signals that it would like to see a no-fly zone over Syria. It’s very unlikely to materialize any time soon, for a number of reasons.

A no-fly zone over #syria  is a way different ball of wax than the cake walk over Libya. Gaddafi’s air defense systems were older, fewer, and spread out over a vast country. Syria boasts one of the strongest SAM networks in the region with coverage that blankets the relatively small country. A one-off attack could be planned and carried out. A 24/7 no fly zone without air superiority? A different matter. And who would be providing that air superiority? Aircraft going mano-y-mano with laser bombs and missiles against the SAMs.

Putting Assad’s air defenses out of business will cost hardware and probably lives. Without USAF AWACs it’s a tough call. ECM is an absolute requirement and only America can provide that on any scale. Do the French want to pay that price alone? I doubt it. Because Obama’s sure as eggs not going to be pitching in until after the first Tuesday in November. 


Written by coolrebel

August 23, 2012 at 9:30 pm

Posted in France, No-fly zone

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