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Akin Trainwreck Points to Bigger Problems for GOP Among Women

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Todd Akin’s comments have been a disaster for the GOP and they signpost a much deeper issue for Mitt Romney. The absolute cratering of Akin’s support in Missouri – recent polls show McCaskill up by as much as ten points after Akin was up by 5% – suggest that women are prepared to dump the GOP in droves over this sideshow.

The “War on Women” is a great Democratic line, and certainly there are marginal voices in the GOP who want to turn back the clock, but women’s issues could be seen as a major distraction from what was thought to be the number one issue of this election – the economy, and even the new issue du jour, Medicare and Medicaid. Appeals to the Christian Right keen to strip down already thinning Abortion rights, along with absurd attacks on contraception by people like Rick Santorum (the trigger to the “War on Women”) have already done serious damage to the GOP brand among the single most important demographic there is in this election.


The majority of voters, female were already leaning moderate and more predisposed to supporting Obama for a variety of reasons, and they don’t see the “War on Women” as a sideshow. They see it as an attack on their ‘group’ albeit a group that’s the majority of the American population. In an election that’s essentially devoid of substantial policy discussion, except among the twitterati silo, it’s issues like Akin’s harebrained remarks that hit home.

The depth of the reaction against Akin’s remarks has been so huge that it looks very possible that it could not only significantly damage the GOP’s chances of a crucial Senate majority, but could also impact some very tight races for Mitt Romney, if the Dems play the card as well as they have to date.

We’ve reached the point where Gotcha politics is defining our discourse. It’s pathetic, but at least our side may the one that benefits.


Written by coolrebel

August 26, 2012 at 12:12 pm

Posted in Washington

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