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How To Interview Grover Norquist

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Fareed Zakaria gave it a go in attacking Norquist by telling him ‘This Is A Wish, Not A Plan’  but, it’s not exactly news if the reporter tells us what he thinks. He actually needs Norquist to weaken his own argument if he wants headlines. Here’s a set of closed, yes/no questions which could do the job.

If he tries to talk about Obama’s record, get him back on track. The right questions to ask Norquist are these:

1. Is economic data from the past important the key to making economic policy in the future? 
2. Do you regard the following basic Government economic statistics as essentially accurate and correct (List.)
3. Do the economic statistics you recognize as accurate and vital in developing economic policy bear out your view that tax cuts will create economic growth?
4. List statistical comparisons US tax/growth rate over time and tell him, these statistics suggest otherwise, don’t you think?
Force GN to say that the statistics can be cherry picked, or aren’t the only factor, or are not cast iron guarantees of future performance.
5. So you’re not sure that the economic statistics you recognize as important bear out your view that lower taxes boost economic growth, but you’re convinced that it will?
Push this. Force him to say “I don’t know, or how can anyone truly know, or it’s almost guaranteed, or statistics only take you so far…”.
6. So your view is that despite the data (you think is so important) that says otherwise, you’re pretty sure it will happen this time. You can’t guarantee it, but you’re asking America to trust you that it will work this time. Do you think that’s a strong position for Mitt Romney to take to the voters in November?
GN: Flim Flam

Written by coolrebel

September 2, 2012 at 12:48 pm

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