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How Did Grover Norquist Get So Powerful?

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Hey Good Lookin’


He may be short and fat, but Grover’s one smart fugly for building a career on a “pledge to fight any tax hikes”.

Pledges are easy for a voter to understand. People get them. They’re black and white. “Are you in or are you out?”, they shout out to all of us. And a pledge that says “I’m against raising taxes” is bound to be very popular, and therefore will quickly become binding on vote-hungry GOP congressmen looking to build up their small government bona fides in a hurry. Nobody cares that it’s based on a false morality or voodoo economics. All that stuff is high-falutin’ and technical. Everyone just likes the clarity, the simplicity, the sheer reality-show unavoidability of a good, simple pledge. And once it’s in place, and the game of musical chairs has started, you’ve got to play, or people start saying…”so you must be FOR raising taxes”. And then everyone’s on board, and the damage is done, which it most assuredly is in this case, and the pledge is very hard to walk back. Witness that even Jon Huntsman took the pledge during his few campaign debate appearances a few months ago. Poor Jon, a slave to Grover Norquist. Pretty impressive.

The pledge is a work of genius, like a good ponzi scheme, and it’s little

Grover’s ticket to ride. 

Thank you Grover!


Written by coolrebel

September 4, 2012 at 8:43 pm

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