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McDonalds and Apple. Both in the Dopamine Business.

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Apple is the most successful company on the planet. And here’s why. When two people compare iPhone App choices as they frequently do, one will mention to the other that he/she has the 4S which is like way better than the 4, because of the carefully calibrated list of minor feature updates that together make it way better. And when the person with the iPhone 4 walks away, he/she is dogged by the thought that his/her iPhone is way worse, and therefore is not a good advertisement for who he/she really is.

A day later, he/she with the sucky, low-rent iPhone 4 sees an ad, a blog post, a status update, a wireless store and decides that although it’s completely stupid to get a new iPhone because mine is perfectly good, he/she decides to click on the ad or walk into the store where they start to get drawn into that gnawing feeling that they’re not living up to their full potential because their iPhone camera only has 6 megapixels rather than the retina display 22 megapixels. Life without that third retina suddenly becomes unbearable.

In other words, Apple feeds the dopamine just like McDonalds feeds the dopamine.


Written by coolrebel

September 10, 2012 at 2:52 pm

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