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The Onion Belongs In A Shit Sandwich. But Not Today.

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I have long believed that The Onion has totally lost its way, but today they clawed back a little of their tired and sullied reputation in my eyes with this utterly outrageous ditty on both 9/11 and the Google Doodle obsession.

While it’s a cheap way of generating a meta-controversy within a meta-controversy, the front page blast does the job, by highlighting the cheapening of the 9/11 moment by constant reprise of what has become a morbid fascination with an American Tragedy that we continue to exploit and, frankly, enjoy.

Both political parties are taking “the day off” from politics with a highly calculated and politicized move to de-politicize the day, while Social Media is full of ‘remembrances’ piled on to its daily RIPs of various dead celebs, scientists and nerd glory figures.

Death has never been as popular as it in today’s relentless Internet frenzy, but at least the Onion is at least trying to make the point that our celebration of it has perhaps gone a little too far.


Written by coolrebel

September 11, 2012 at 2:39 pm

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