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The US Giveth, Benghazi Taketh Away.

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A couple of nutjobs in the US drum up a cheesy documentary trashing the Prophet Mohammed. Excerpts end up on YouTube where someone conveniently translates them into Arabic (we assume correctly).

In the United States we call this free speech, because while objectionable, it did not rally hordes of wannabe crusaders to attack Muslims. Free speech is guaranteed by the US Constitution which is upheld by its directly elected Executive, Legislature, and appointed Judiciary.

Meanwhile in Benghazi, “America” – as a whole – insulted the Prophet and must pay the price. The mob needs a convenient target. The gates of the US Consulate are stormed, and the Libyan Ambassador, and three of his team are killed trying to stem the violence. All because a couple of cranks who just happened to be American decided to go after the Prophet for the umpteenth time.

This kind of medieval kneejerk response – which happens as regularly as clockwork – does not bode well for a transition to a pluralist society with sturdy democratic institutions in Libya. It’s a sort of country, jammed with tribes, guns, jihadists, oil, and enough governmental experience to fill a thimble.

The timing couldn’t have been worse. Two months from a Presidential Election, the President must be seen to be seeking justice for this outrage, and holding the Libyan “government” to account (without of course humiliating them and exposing them as powerless).

And there’s one other point worth nothing.

It was the United States that was instrumental in getting the Russians and Chinese to acquiesce to a UN resolution that gave the French and British a healthy “humanitarian” mandate to bomb the shit out of Gaddafi’s armored columns as they marched on Benghazi to massacre the rebels there back in ’11.

Wait, did I say America saved Benghazi’s bacon? Yes, I believe I did.

A little thank you would have been nice.

Written by coolrebel

September 12, 2012 at 9:04 am

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