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Libyan Crisis: The Good Guys Fight Back But Is It Enough

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Perhaps someone tipped off the Salafist militia in Benghazi that the good people of the city were coming to burn their house down, because nobody was home when it happened. The bad guys had gone to ground.

The media has been basking in the warm sunshine of the moment. Look, the reports all imply, the good guys have fought back against the dudes with the black banners and sent them packing. It must mean that a liberal democracy is just around the corner. Putting aside the fact journalism shouldn’t be about wishful thinking, there’s another very good reason they’re whistling in the wind. And it’s this…
It takes way, way, way, way less people to trigger a failed state than it does to build a successful one.
Let’s just take the Libyan example. Do we honestly think that people who want to recreate a Medieval Caliphate are going to just go gently into the night? No, we expect them to fight back any way they can. And that means terrorism. Terrorism against innocent people, against oil installations, against public figures, against any advance towards a liberal, economically successful, essentially secular state. 
Will they be successful in creating their beloved Caliphate? Of course not. But will their attempt be enough to stifle the development of their country? Definitely. Will their outrages be enough to destabilize their putative nationhood? Easily. 
Western nations, like the UK and US with full anti-terrorist infrastructures, top quality law enforcement, and strong constitutional governments have enough trouble suppressing Islamic extremism. What are the chances that a young, fractured, poorly-educated country with limited infrastructure, history, and education will be able to? 
Almost none.
Ditto with Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Iraq…

Written by coolrebel

September 22, 2012 at 8:35 am

Posted in Libya, Salafism

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