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NFL Owners Are Rapacious Hyenas

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To say NFL owners are stupid, craven, avaricious, and frankly disgusting collection of rapacious low life is an understatement. They went to the wall for a few million bucks (out of the billions they earn from their “product”) against the referees they were too dumb to realize they needed to keep their brain omelette creating gladiatorial bread and circuses spectacle going.

At first, they figured that fan attacks would be pointed at the NFL referees for allowing these overmatched replacements to take the field. And initially they were right, but then the inevitable happened – the Green Bay Hail Mary TD interception disaster, and the outrage began to turn to a more general attack on, well, them. Would the public demand they open their books, or sniff around their real estate, labor-busting deals to see if they pass the smell test? Maybe…

At which point they caved like a bunch of pantywaists. 

That makes you wonder two things. 

One. It only goes to show how utterly outrageous you have to be to get rich these days.

Two. It makes you want to vomit. 


Written by coolrebel

September 27, 2012 at 6:55 am

Posted in NFL, NFL Owners

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