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Gun Control Is A Civil Rights Issue

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What happened in Newtown a few days ago belongs in the realm of the unspeakable. In any other epoch it would instantly and indelibly be imprinted on history.

But this epoch may be different.

If the talk about new gun legislation fades away, it will be a clarion call that we have truly lost the soul of this country, that it is once again divided beyond recall, that our ability to redress wrongs has been fundamentally undermined, because we no longer see the same truths. If however, the President and Congress decide to grasp the nettle and address this as a non-partisan Civil Rights issue then progress may be made.

The details of the legislation will be debated endlessly, but the core of it must be simply this. We have a duty to protect our citizens. And they have a right to live in peace. Gun control is a civil rights issue. If we treat is as such, instead of just another political football, good sense, and America’s better nature, will prevail.

To start the ball rolling, the President needs to issue an executive order that places an immediate ban on assault weapons. That will fire up the NRA and keep the issue front and center long enough for the public to weigh in – and give the President and Congress the support they need to move real change forward.


Written by coolrebel

December 16, 2012 at 4:43 pm

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