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What Happens When an MLE and an OMG App Meet?

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Let’s put aside for a moment that there are billions of people in the world who’ve never seen a smartphone.

Even without them there has been a fundamental transformation in the way we relate to technology. The latter half of the last decade will be seen as the beginning of consumer tech’s defining moment. The iPhone, Facebook, Twitter are the leaders of this tech-tonic movement, and all share a common trait; they successfully co-opted the non-technical first world. They made everyone who’s now a smartphoner into that smartphoner.

Which leaves us with a problem.

Because now we’re all staring at these stupid things as if our lives depended on it ( which they do not ), getting our eyeballs to shift to something new and shiny that pops up on our home screens is just that much harder. In other words, the novelty has worn off, which in other other words means that if you’re going to be successful doing something new, it has to be, well, really different. And in a good way.

There are essentially two types of apps these days. The MLE’s for “Making Life Easier”, and the “OMG” apps which are often games. The OMG sub-set is made more compelling because it almost always has the benefit of interaction and imagination and good content as its source for coolness.

When an MLE and an OMG make babies you have a winner that can stand the test of time and hype.

I think my new enterprise, Moovd, might just be in that category. At least I hope so.


Written by coolrebel

December 23, 2012 at 9:26 pm

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