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 dog double clone dog startup future

Logline:   The Dog You Love. Cloned.

Problem:   The dogs we love die.  

Solution:  Now you can have the same dog for life.  How? Easy. We send you a simple DNA extractor kit. You get a sample and send it back for storage. As soon as the dog you love starts to slide towards the inevitable, we’ll simply clone you another one using our bank of surrogates which include 100% of breeds and 95% of viable mix combinations. Plus we’ll deliver the cloned puppy to your door (pay extra for a few weeks of intensive puppy training). Per clone prices start as low as $9999. Add “NEWDOG” to your first clone order at checkout and get $1000 off your first clone. 


Written by coolrebel

May 23, 2015 at 9:47 pm

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