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 arrangeo startups future

Logline:   Arranged Marriage Redefined.

Problem:   Finding a date is easy. Finding a life partner is hard.

Solution:  Research shows that love in regular marriages declines rapidly and exponentially. Love in arranged marriages grows arithmetically, and statistics show they last longer. In other words arranged marriages are a more efficient marital selection approach. Arrangeo is a turnkey arranged marriage service that uses a complex life-history, multi-layer matching algorithm to find you the perfect life partner, and once you approve the digital package we send you, we’ll arrange everything, from pre-nup to wedding, honeymoon and beyond. We’ll even find you financing for your first home and help with couples counseling if external circumstances cause marital pressure to grow. We charge a flat fee per marriage, and a life-of-marriage fee per year of wedded bliss. Sometimes the past is better. Let Arrangeo prove it for you.



Written by coolrebel

May 24, 2015 at 12:12 am

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