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Logline:   Learn to be a sociopath and win the race.

Problem:   To be a billionaire you need to be a sociopath, but how? 

Solution:  Reptile Academy is laser-focused online learning. With courses designed by top mental health professionals, and online mentoring sessions with top business leaders who have zero shame, at Reptile our mission is to turn you into an ambitious powerhouse who will throw their best friends under the bus to win. Discover how to get your way with an effective tantrum, get the low down on how to back-stab efficiently, learn how grind your opponent down, as well as the basics like lying, ingratiating, and charming your way to the top. Each RA course features videos, scenarios, at home exercises, and upgrades include mentoring, hypnosis, and mind-altering drug recommendations. Nice guys finish last but the Reptile Academy will turn even the nicest person into an unstoppable, power-hungry maniac. You can’t lose. Courses start for children as young as 2 to give them the life tools they’ll need to survive and thrive, all the way up to senior middle-aged executives trying to reinvent themselves before they get pink slipped. 

Written by coolrebel

May 28, 2015 at 5:16 pm

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