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Logline:   The One-Stop Social App For Life-Extenders.

Problem:   The elite have spent billions to extend their lives with Life-Ex but now everyone hates us. 

Solution:  When regular people find out you’re going to live until you’re 500 and they won’t, friendly conversations come to an end kind of fast. More than ever wealthy oligarchs who’ve earned the right to purchase Life-Ex technology are being discriminated against by mere mortals and untouchables. Life-Exxers end up befriending the help, their security details, or drifting around town in their motorcades aimlessly looking for entertainment. At Eterniti, we have the answer to the depression and isolation of being superhuman. A concierge system, social network and virtual assistance help-center rolled into one and designed for lonely Life-Extenders who want to meet other life extenders. Start enjoying immortality for a change. Just use our app to connect, video chat, or simply hook-up to breed more life-exxers into the gene pool. We’ll coordinate private jet travel to any islands that you own, and help you plan a hostile takeover or two if you end up doing business with your new Life-Ex partner. We’ll even nurture any Life-Ex offspring that you generate using our system, while you continue to rule the world.

Written by coolrebel

May 29, 2015 at 8:43 am

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