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sex data startups future 

Logline:   Sex meets Data.

Problem:   Sexual technique, one of the most important parts of our world, hasn’t been quantified. 

Solution: is a software company that integrates with every personal fitness and health tracker to give you the answer to a question that’s rarely asked, but always pondered – how good am I in bed? Using gibco’s array of data points, bands, and ratios, both men and women of all orientations wearing gibco connected devices, can now get their GIB score (from 0-100). And what is it? An amalgam of orgasm frequency, stamina, repeatability, ability to deliver pleasure, erogenous connectivity and more. Are you on a roll, and delivering more to your partner? Or in a slump that could be the beginning of the end for a relationship? Are you too demanding or too passive? Gibco can also connect you with one of our trained sexologists if your score is out of whack. Monthly plans start as low as $399 for a novice, and go up to our “professional plan.”  Suddenly you’ll have some proven bragging rights on social media or dating apps if you score high, or something to improve on if you’re below the median GIB score in any category. In fact, we’re already integrating with a number of key dating apps. Try out our starter plan and see how you get it on.

Written by coolrebel

May 30, 2015 at 10:46 pm

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