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Logline:   Backup your brain in the cloud.

Problem:   There’s nowhere to upload your brain. 

Solution:  Well, actual, that’s no longer true. Just embed the Cloudbrain digi-synaptic chip in your brain stem, and after its healed connect your device to our digital translation facility which then stores the contents of your brain for free. Memories, knowledge, personality traits, dreams, and even traumas can be checked and uploaded. Braincloud uses a revolutionary translation system to run and record the synaptic connectors in your mind – giving you a fully digital rendering of your brain’s intelligible contents in a matter of minutes. Every time you plug in Cloudbrain will record, translate and store your synaptic updates. Share snippets of your dreams, ideas, hopes, fears, triggers, and long term memories, or port your mind to another person using the Braincloud digi-synaptic chip, and in a few days you’ll notice the difference. (Braincloud is not responsible for split-personality malfunctions. Please read our full terms and conditions). We’re even working on a wireless version, so you don’t even have to plug in.  *Not to for military, intelligence, or law enforcement use.

Written by coolrebel

May 31, 2015 at 3:28 pm

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