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Logline:   Fool the ‘me’ chips embedded into you at birth.

Problem: “Me” chips tell the FourFounders all about you.

Solution:  Until now, the only choice you had when it came to “Me” chips was which FourFounder hospital you were born in.  But whether it was iHosp, Facehealth, GooDNA, or an Amzy you got the same permanent FourFounder “me” chip. We all know that removing it meant releasing that pesky sub-cutaneous cyanide capsule, so we had no choice but to be “me”. Until now. Just download the app onto your device from the track-free dark web, and hit the on button to send an encrypted, device-unknown, NFC signal that scrambles your Me chip on demand. Just use one of our historical presets such as Abe Lincoln, Justin Bieber, or Harriet Tubman, and suddenly your Me chip is that famous figure wherever you go. The FFs can’t sell you stuff, or have their Freedom Units (FUs) pick you up and turn you into artisanal paté, and you can be King Arthur for as long as you want. (Two-handed Great Sword not included).

Written by coolrebel

June 1, 2015 at 3:22 pm

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