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 startups future flush plumbers on demand

Logline:   Rooters on Demand.

Problem:   A good rooter is hard to find.

Solution: solves that problem with a few clicks. Just enter your credit card details, describe your blockage and get access to our awesome team of background-checked Flushers who’ve all our graduated from our intensive, all online 4 hour advanced roto-rooter course, including the physics of the Snake, and a scientific review of toilet mechanisms. A Flusher will knock on your door within an hour or your Flush is free. You can even track the exact location of your Flusher via our iOS and Android Apps. Between jobs, student, or just down on your luck? No problem. Become a Flusher, and get not one but two cool overall sets complete with Flusher badge (plus a Flush Teardrop pendant to hang on your rearview mirror when you’re on call. New customers get 25% of their first Flush with coupon code “shitsu”!


Written by coolrebel

June 3, 2015 at 9:00 pm

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